Enterprise Computing Operations Service Center

AAMBO: Supporting the Army IT Transformation

The Under Secretary of the Army published the Migration of Army Enterprise Systems/Applications to Core Data Centers memorandum in June 2014, providing capability owners with initial guidance for migration to enterprise hosting environments. PEO EIS established the Army Application Migration Business Office (AAMBO) to lead this effort.

AAMBO assists capability owners by providing tools and guidance for gathering technical requirements. This information is the foundation for AAMBO's detailed analysis of the system or application's attributes and development of a migration support strategy. The capability owner receives potential target hosting environment courses of action and Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) cost estimates to support mandated cost benefit analysis.

Since its inception, AAMBO has assisted hundreds of systems and applications across dozens of Army commands with migration planning strategies and efforts. Moving forward, the Army will transition from hosting enterprise-wide services at local facilities to hosting these services in modern, standardized, and centralized environments consistent with DoD guidance. AAMBO supports this Army-wide goal by continuing to streamline the data collection phase of the application migration process for the Army's enterprise capability owners.

Transformation through application migration is critical for the Army to achieve its enterprise objectives. Advanced technology and effective management practices will improve security, enhance performance, and enable cost control.                             



Palmer Mitchell       Product Lead                     Enterprise Computing

Donald Squires
AAMBO Project Officer

Jim Stevens
AAMBO Team Lead